IPA - International Photography Awards™ 2019

1st Place - Digitally Enhanced Photography

Kavan the Kid has been awarded 1st place in the 2019 International Photography Awards™ Professional Special Category of Digitally Enhanced Photography for his entry of “Stay Inside & Don’t Let the Dreams Out.”

The International Photography Awards™ conducts an annual competition for professional, amateur, and student photographers on a global scale, creating one of the most ambitious and comprehensive competitions in the photography world today.

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Beautiful Bizarre Magazine - Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize 2019

Stocksy United Photography Awards - Top 25 Finalist.

Kavan the Kid has been awarded a Top 25 Finalist Spot in the 2019 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize.

With the judging almost complete, we are thrilled to now share the Stocksy United Photography Award Finalists. As you will see the calibre of work is excellent and perfectly captures the diverse aesthetic of modern fine art photography.

We received entries from both analogue and digital photographers working across various fine art photography styles…

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JUXTAPOZ - The Work of Kavan Cardoza

Violent. Rhapsodic. Impassioned. Aggressive. These are some of the terms that have been used to describe the self-portraits of photographer Kavan Cardoza aka "Kavan The Kid"…

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Launch Dsigns - Artist Kavan The Kid

in my opinion, Instagram is the best place to find and connect with creative individuals who share your passion for art. @kavanthekid is an amazing photographer and digital artist that has his own unique style in his edits.

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Cultura Colectiva - Surrealist Photos that reveal the Darkness Hidden in our Souls

How much can be hidden behind a photograph and how much more is it possible to discover when observing them? Know the work of Kavan the Kid, which will reveal your dark side.

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Visual Flood - Surreal dark photo manipulations by Kavan the Kid

Kavan the Kid – a video director and fine art photographer based in Los Angeles and Seattle – creates anguishing dark scenarios by means of eye-catching colorful digital photo manipulations.

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Inspiration Grid - Surreal Digital Photography by Kavan the Kid

Intriguing photo manipulations by Kavan the Kid, a digital artist and fine art photographer based in Los Angeles.

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Cultura Colectiva - One Man’s Silent Struggle with Depression

A small room with no windows or doors. The air is scarce, because there’s no way for it to come inside. At first, you take a huge mouthful of air to ease the suffocating sensation, but the more you try, the less fresh air you get…

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Scene 360 - Kavan the Kid Interview: Art Saved His Life

American photographer Kavan the Kid has expressed his disquiet emotions in the surrealist imagery that he produces…

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[Framed Network] - Kavan the Kid - Full Interview

By: Layne Boyle

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Fubiz - The Dark Side of Samurais and Superheroes

Kavan Cardoza aka “Kavan The Kid” is a director and photographer based in Los Angeles. His photographic work, both expressive and yellow, is a way to communicate his dark side…

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WeVux - Kavan the Kid

Kavan Cardoza aka “Kavan The Kid” is a photographer and director based in Los Angeles. Once psychology student, he dropped out because “he knew he could express better through film and photography…”

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BonExpose - Mystical Portraits with Kavan the Kid

With an aesthetic imbued with emotion and self-examination, The Kid contrasts low-key lighting with bold, lurid colors that elicit visceral, personal reactions consciously and subconsciously…

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Beautiful/Decay - Kavan The Kid’s Surreal Photography Conveys Dark and Powerful Psychological Worlds

If you distilled all the terror and beauty of the psyche into an image, it would look something like the work of LA-based Kavan the Kid (aka, Kavan Cardoza)…

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Artists Inspire Artists - Inside the Dark Fantasies of Kavan the Kid

If our wildest dreams could be printed in a photograph, they might look something like the works of LA-based photographer Kavan the Kid. His moody and often tense images invite us to stroll into the darkest parts of our own imaginations as we fill in the twisted back-stories to the characters presented before us.

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Scene 360 - The Dark Art of Kavan The Kid

Kavan Cardoza aka “Kavan The Kid” is a music video director and photographer based in Los Angeles. His photographic work is expressive and creepy, like “Monster in the Dark” (above) of an old lady who could steal the show in horror film Insidious

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Who Killed Bambi? - The Work of Kavan Cardoza

By: Andrea Natale

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Scene 360 - Dark Realities: An update from Kavan the Kid

Bound in thick rope, suffocating under a wet cloth … Kavan the Kid has continuously dedicated his lens to capturing dark and dramatic portraits

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MESS Creative Community - #FRESSMESS Kavan The Kid Photography

By: Lucy Creber

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Imparcial - The Surrealist Photographs that reveal the Darker Side of our Souls

How much can be hidden behind a photograph and how much more is it possible to discover when observing them? Know the work of Kavan the Kid, which will reveal your dark side.