March 29th

Hey everyone, I've never been much of a blog person but since I am going to start making tutorial videos I thought it appropriate to start one up. I'll try not to bore you all to much, but I can't promise anything ;p

I thought instead of trying to dig through the past of what I've been doing I would just jump into the now.


Recently I have been trying my hand at building images from taking different parts of royalty free images while intermixing them with my own portraits. A lot of times we can't get out to shoot at incredible locations, so why not build our own worlds. That's pretty much been the mindset this week.

Jumping back to today, I took my Red Cloth, a ladder and my roommate Sav out to the front yard and started shooting. The plan from the beginning was to make a Red Cloaked man standing in a winter tundra. After waving the cloth 1000 plus times, I had the shot and began the edit. I will be uploading a tutorial for this image later this week!